The importance of the era that will tackle the spin off of ‘Game of Thrones’


Game of Thrones fans do have the ability to suffer. On the one hand, the story, both in the books and the television adaptation, is dotted with the death of characters left and right. Let’s not talk about the wait since 2012 of all readers of George R. R. Martin to finally be published Winds of Winter, the sixth and penultimate novel of the saga.

As if this were not enough, the final season will be released until 2019. We also learned very recently that of the five spin-offs that were being worked on in the franchise, only one is underway (and probably the other four will be archived). This prequel is the one we want to talk about, the only one we have left (at least until now). The own Martin explained in his web that the spin off is located to thousands of years of the time where it is developed Song of ice and fire, in the well-known Time of heroes. Here we review more details of this important Poniente era.
Westeros as we met her is the consequence of more or less convulsive times and seems never to have been at peace. And in ancient times that region was inhabited only by the Sons of the forest until the First Men arrived. They came to the continent and began to settle, displacing the Sons of the forest and felling the dear arcians. The latter was what sparked the war between them for several years, however they agreed to peace in a Pact signed on the Island of Faces where it was stipulated that the flat lands belong to the First Men and the forests to the Children. The Pact lasted until the invasion of the Others, in the so-called Long Night.

All this time it is known as the Age of heroes, in it, in addition, were the most representative houses of Poniente, of course, with its various battles and conquests, falls, uprisings and other political and social movements. This time is very important in the history of Game of Thrones we met; we can say that it is the foundational age of the most powerful families, where the customs of the villages were cohesive and where legendary kings and heroes lived, such as:

The Gray King, supposed ancestor of the Greyjoy
King Garth the Manoverde, ancestor of the Gardeners
Lann the Crafty, ancestor of the Lannister
King Brandon the Builder, ancestor of the Starks
King Durran Pesardedioses, the first King of the Storm and ancestor of the Durrandons and Baratheons

It was also at this time that the Night Guard was founded and the mythical Wall was built by Brandon the Builder in order to protect the kingdom of the West from the fearsome Others and its long winter. As we can see this time is of utmost importance in the history of both the saga that we have followed and in the spin off that is already prepared, also in the history of the novels that we still do not know how it ends. For now we have to wait for the eighth season of Game of Thrones that will be released tentatively in the first half of 2019.


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