Professions that will be among the most demanded in the near future


The world evolves at great speed, and with it the great technological advances that give rise to new professions. The facilities provided by the internet, the pace of life, and changes in society mean that certain jobs are updated and new ones appear. Do you want to know these new professions?

Nanobots are of great importance in the field of surgery, medicine and the environment, and are constantly evolving. The technicians carry out research in this field, and also use nanoelements and nanomaterials for the creation of new products. These specialists create nanobots on any problem that arises, regardless of the field in which it is located.

This technology is already being developed. For example, recently, nanorobots the size of a cockroach were created, whose purpose is to give proper maintenance to vehicle engines.

Nanomedicists are dedicated to research in the field of medicine, to seek cure to diseases at the cellular or molecular level. Thanks to nanotechnology, professionals manage to manipulate material of a size less than one micron, and can create systems or nanobots capable of entering the cells of the body.

Unlike the previous job, nanomedics only use nanobots related to the health of human beings. Among the most recent examples, we can name the company Midatech Biogune, which patented a totally innovative technology: gold nanoparticles that will carry medicines to cancer affected cells without damaging the healthy cells in the process.
His tasks include search engine positioning (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), automation of marketing processes (SEA), as well as optimization in social networks (SMO). These professionals will help companies to be more visible in the digital medium, and to take advantage of the unlimited resources offered by the internet.

They are specialized lawyers in all crimes committed on the network: viruses, phishing, scams … These will be of great importance for a company to know how to act on the Internet in a lawful manner, thus avoiding legal problems, such as those related to with the topic of data protection.

These specialists will also help civilians in case they fall victim to some fraud. This is especially current when new types of scams arise with each passing day. Take, for example, the new viral game on social networks called “Momo”. The “challenge” consists in the following: if you see in the social networks the photo of the terrifying doll named Momo, send a message to WhatsApp “if you’re not afraid”. In reality, nothing has to do with fear, it’s just a fraudulent strategy to get user data. So, just in case, do not participate in this game.


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