Cinema spy devices that really exist


The special detail of the films about secret agents is not only the unexpected twists of the plot and charismatic actors, but also an arsenal of unusual devices that equate the capabilities of its owner with those of superheroes. Of course, some of them (like explosive chewing gum) are absolute fiction, but many of these things have moved from film to real life.

Garrison Bespoke Tailoring in Toronto, in addition to regular men’s clothing, tailor made suits. Dressing one of them, you can get out of a hail of bullets just like in the movie John Wick 2: unharmed (and most importantly, very elegant).

The lining of this suit is composed of carbon nanotubes, so it has half the weight of kevlar that is used to make bulletproof vests. The material is so strong that it can protect not only from firearms, but also from sharp objects. And most importantly, nothing will betray the defensive functions of the suit, except its price of $ 20,000.
When the movie about the adventures of James Bond, View of the Murder, was released, no one suspected that the writers’ fiction about the ring with a hidden camera would become reality. And after almost 30 years, the design studio Hyeonsik designed exactly the same jewel. The ring can take pictures and then transfer them to a tablet or smartphone. In the movie Quantum of Solace, the agents “Mi-6” visualized the information in a futuristic table with a tactile interface. Microsoft has developed something similar. This is an interactive screen that can be controlled by several people at once with the help of the fingers. In the movie Tomorrow Never Dies, James Bond uses a mobile phone with a built-in electric shock. The Yellow Jacket company created an iPhone case with the same personal defense device. With this accessory, you will never be afraid of having your phone stolen. When we were children, we played cinematic bodyguards or FBI agents, putting a finger in our ears, as if we were talking using a hidden connection. Nowadays, you can really talk like that. The Sgnl device allows you to use your finger as a telephone handset. The device transmits sound vibrations through the skin through the special device on the wristband that can be attached to the watch. Harry Hart’s umbrella cane from the movie Kingsman has a much more peaceful prototype in real life. Kisha solves the most popular “umbrella problems”: it is so durable that it does not rust and does not break when subjected to different load tests. And thanks to the synchronization with your smartphone, this umbrella can not be forgotten anywhere.


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