American Airlines tries to improve economic class conditions


American Airlines has announced that passengers who obtain tickets for the Basic Economy section may carry carry-on baggage. Previously, the US airline only allowed to carry an item under the seat. In exchange for these strict rules it was possible to obtain a ticket at an affordable price. Fortunately, prices have not undergone any kind of change.

It was in March of this year when the company announced Basic Economy, with the aim of facing similar proposals from Delta and United Airlines, but with restrictions that were not liked by buyers. Although the policies of the economy class indicated that it was not possible to board with hand luggage, some passengers learned about the rule shortly before taking their flight. The previous situation resulted in a charge of $ 25 dollars.

Some experts in the matter say that the airlines impose these restrictions to end up convincing the buyer to disburse extra money for access to classes with more “benefits”.

Another important point is in the purchase of tickets online. Users look for flights with lower prices, commonly choosing economy class tickets without noticing the prohibitions they include. Search engines such as Google Flights already integrate the option to specify hand luggage, slightly increasing the price of the results shown.


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